Black-Eyed Snakes - Seven Horses

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  • Black-Eyed Snakes - Seven Horses

Black-Eyed Snakes - Seven Horses

£4.99 £10.99

FormatCD & LP
Released22nd June 2018
Catalogue CKM020CD
Barcode 789577772229

Hyped on this. Not only do we have Low in September, we have this new Black-Eyed Snakes  LP featuring Alan Sparhawk.

Starting abruptly, mid-downbeat, the Black-Eyed Snakes' new release opens up like walking into the room where the grit and groove has already been rolling, for who knows how long. In 1999 and 2001, the Snakes released two full-length recordings that would lay the foundation and frame to what would become a unique and dynamic live force. Their shows are legendary - a chaotic swirling stomp, based on the most primitive elements of electric blues and punk. The band has become a wide regional favourite, playing festivals and bars and multiple tours in the US, UK, and Europe, sometimes opening for artists like Wilco and T. Model Ford.

The new record, Seven Horses is the culmination of a simple but visceral path cut with blood, sweat, loud guitars, and dancing. Singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk, who is also in the band Low, howls through the squelch and bash, sometimes to rally the congregation as on 'Church Song' and sometimes the voice of pleading despair as on 'Don't Kick Me Out'. Influenced by legends like The Staple Singers, John Lee Hooker, Fred McDowell, and Ali Farka Toure, the songs jump out of the speakers raw and heavy, inviting the listener to pull up a chair, sit in with the band and let the blues flow through them.

1.Walkin'/Talkin' Blues
2.Church Song
3.Losing Water
5.Seven Horses
6.Alright Boys
7.Don't Kick Me Out
8.Return of Halfstick
9.Out of My Head

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