Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart

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Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart

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FormatCD & LP
Catalogue JAG175CD

Wilderness Heart, the new album by Black Mountain, is packed with succinct rock songs that pulse and pound with startling precision: it pummels you and you ask for more. This is arguably the band's tightest, most concentrated venture, but there's still plenty of raw rock energy at work.

"It's our most metal and most folk oriented record so far," McBean says. "I'm not gonna say it's our best record or the album that we always dreamt of making 'cause that's what everyone says. It's all about where we were at the time the machines were rolling. You can't control the electricity or how your limbs were moving that day. You have to erase the visions and just go along for the ride."

The Hair Song
Old Fangs
Radiant Hearts
Let Spirits Ride
Buried By The Blues
The Way To Gone
Wilderness Heart
The Space Of Your

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