Boards of Canada - Twoism

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Boards of Canada - Twoism

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Released18th November
Catalogue WARPLP70R

LP Black Vinyl - 140g, Pressed from original metalwork Includes green and yellow tDR designed sticker.

Originally released on the duo's own Music 70 label in 1995, with only 100 cassette and vinyl copies ever made, originals of this ace Boards LP are still fetching Σ300+ on Discogs, so this 2002 Warp official reissue is essential for all but the moneyed collector geeks out there! Available for the first time on CD, re-cut and re-mastered, this album is a collection of minimal ambient treasure is as listless, pastoral and evocative as its follow-up, 1998's 'Music Has The Right Children' and 2002's 'Geogaddi'.

Even more understated than its successors, 'Twoism' drifts with indolent beats and droning keyboard hooks. What you have here are delicate, deceptively simple, emotive soundscapes that bore right to the heart of the listener and refuse to be ignored. Broken into eight tracks but seemingly one continuous gentle sonic glide, 'Twoism' opens with the mesmerising melancholia of 'Sixtyniner' changing course only for 'Basefree' with its restless itchy break beat and urban menace. At turns soothing and haunting it stirs feelings of desolation while somehow creating an intensely intimate feel. Laying the foundations for a career that has seen the duo become renowned exponents of blissful organic electronica
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