Bully - Sugaregg

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Bully - Sugaregg


FormatCD, LP & Tape
Released21st August 2020
Catalogue SP1363X
Barcode 098787136302

New album Sugaregg roars from the speakers and jumpstarts both heart and mind. Like My Bloody Valentine after three double espressos, opener 'Add It On' zooms heavenward within seconds, epitomising Bognanno’s newfound clarity of purpose, while the bass-driven melodies and propulsive beats of 'Where to Start' and 'Let You' are the musical equivalents of the sun piercing through a perpetually cloudy sky. Bognanno doesn’t shy away from addressing “how I feel as a human holds up against what society expects or assumes of me as a woman, and what it feels like to naturally challenge". But amongst the more dense topics, there’s also a lightheartedness that was lacking on Bully’s last album, 2017’s 'Losing'.

Loser Edition LP on Transparent Red vinyl

Add It On
Every Tradition
Where to Start
Let You
Like Fire
Stuck in Your Head
Come Down
Not Ashamed
Hours and Hours
What I Wanted

Bully - Sugaregg is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 21st August 2020 is estimated and subject to change.

Artist Bully
LabelSub Pop
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage