Chris Carter - Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 : Coursework

  • Chris Carter - Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 : Coursework

Chris Carter - Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 : Coursework


Released11th January 2019
Catalogue 12MUTE580
Barcode 5400863004217

+ Limited 12" of more new Chris Carter tracks of note.

A companion to the first Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lesson album, the ‘Coursework’ title offers a new original track, ‘Bongo Glow’, along with remixes of album tracks by Radiophonic Workshop, Chris Liebing, and Daniel Avery.

Carter’s unsettling synthetic vocaloid makes another appearance in the retro-futurist charms of ‘Bongo Glow’, crooning like a forlorn AI, before the highly active Radiophonic Workshop rework ‘Blissters’ to sound even closer to one of Akira Rabelais’ rewired renaissance pieces or a Jóhann Jóhannsson epic. Teutonic techno boschmaster Chris Liebing offers a stern, ‘Slow Burn’ techno overhaul of ‘Tones Map’, and Daniel Avery reworks ‘Uysring’ as a rolling big room heater.

On page one, Chris Carter presents the vocoded fizzing techno track 'Bongo' mixing moments of his lab coat modular setup with frosted vocals that are pulled through a deliciously dub window.

Daniel Avery moves things from the lab to the metal works with his clanking, industrial techno rewiring of 'Uysring'. While the second lesson sees The Radiophonic Workshop fittingly boil down 'Blissters' into a beaker of fizzing electronics, recalling some of our favourite musical moments from the pioneering experimenter's rich discography. While recent Mute Signing reduces 'Tones Map' into a hard-boiled techno number.

Consider this education of the highest grade.

British electronic musician Chris Carter is best known as a co-founder of the pioneering industrial group Throbbing Gristle. His synthesizer work provided some of the most rhythmic and melodic elements of the group's music, foreshadowing much of the more accessible industrial and techno which would emerge during the '80s and '90s. Following TG's breakup, Carter and bandmate/partner Cosey Fanni Tutti formed the prolific, influential darkwave/synth pop duo Chris & Cosey (later known as Carter Tutti), in addition to making more experimental soundscapes as Creative Technology Institute (or CTI). Aside from his numerous recordings, Carter is well known for his electronics expertise, and has created and designed effects units and sound generators such as the Gristleizer and the Dirty Carter Experimental Sound Generating Instrument. He is also a journalist, particularly for music technology magazine Sound on Sound, as well as a photographer and graphic designer.

Bongo Glow
Tones Map

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