Clark - Iradelphic

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Clark - Iradelphic

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Chris Clark has been on a journey - and returns an ambitious, career-defining, landmark record.

Since we last heard from Chris Clark, he's been exploring, in every sense of the word. Travelling the world, recording in all manner of diverse locations (the album itself was recorded across five countries; Australia, Germany, Wales, England and Norway), teaching himself new instruments and pulling inspiration from his subconscious.

The result is 'Iradelphic', a beautiful and intricate melding of traditional instruments (Chris plays guitar, drums, harpsichord amongst others here), his unparalleled technical knowledge, and other exciting new elements - his own vocals intertwine with Martina Topley-Bird's on a number of tracks.

'Iradelphic' manages to balance perfectly the warm and human with incredible technical skill. On announcement, the release garnered an unprecedented amount of attention from the Warp fanbase, and music from the record has found solid support at radio, press and online since.

01 - Henderson Wrech
02 - Com Touch
03 - Tooth Moves
04 - Skyward Bruise / Descent
05 - Open
06 - Secret
07 - Ghosted
08 - Black Stone
09 - The Pining Pt. 1
10 - The Pining Pt. 2
11 - The Pining Pt. 3
12 - Broken Kite Footage

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