Clinic - Internal Wrangler

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Clinic - Internal Wrangler

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Released13th May
Catalogue WIGLP078
Barcode 5034202007814

Full debut album from Liverpool's Clinic. Twisting and twining through paths that pass through seldom visited regions of dub and 60s garage, Internal Wrangler keep it arty and groovy in equal measures. '2/4' is one of the finest pop song assaults we've ever heard, one hell of a debut.

Lovingly repressed on vinyl at thirteen years old... a treat.

01. Voodoo Wop
02. Return Of Evil Bill
03. Internal Wrangler
04. Dj Shangri La
05. Second Line
06. C Q
07. Tk
08. Earth Angel
09. Distortions
10. Hippy Death Suite
11. 2nd Foot Stomp
12. 2/4
13. Goodnight Georgie

Artist Clinic
Filed Under Indie & Alternative