Comets On Fire - Avatar

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Comets On Fire - Avatar

£16.99 £19.99

InfoLP 13th May 2016

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Sub Pop vinyl reissue. Single-pocket jacket with custom dust sleeve and digital download code. Initial copies pressed on smoky yellow and red vinyl.

After 2004's critically acclaimed "Blue Cathedral", one might have expected Comets on Fire to blast off into the cosmos in an infinite flurry of lysergic spasmodicism. Surprising, then, that they should turn in an earthy, more accessible and downright beautiful album as their follow-up. Then again, it is a completely logical progression, but in reverse, sort of. On "Avatar", their astonishing new album, Comets display development in every direction: as musicians, as songwriters, as arrangers and as singers (?!), without sacrificing one ounce of the intensity that is expected from our heroes. As on "Blue Cathedral", the diversity of the material is staggering. "Avatar" veers from swinging, bluesy explorations to piano-laced, progressive power balladry, to pure tribalism, evoking everyone from the Allmans, to Quicksilver, to Procol Harum, to some insane Fela/Sun Ra/Crazy Horse hybrid, yet remains wholly Comets on Fire. Though they play cleaner and clearer, their firepower is evident and abundant. They have shifted gears and opened themselves up completely.

Dogwood Rust
Lucifer’s Memory
The Swallow’s Eye
Holy Teeth
Sour Smoke
Hatched Upon The Age

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LabelSub Pop