Comets on Fire - Comets on Fire

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Comets on Fire - Comets on Fire

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InfoLP15th January

Fresh remaster and vinyl pressing of the self titled debut from psycho-psych freaks Comets
On Fire.

Comets On Fire delivers dark and damaged acid rock served in a crude and blown-out speedball of Blue Cheer, High Rise, James Williamson and a shit-faced-drunk Roxyera Eno. Methamphetamine and Schnapps-drenched lullabies take it straight into the sonic shitstorm, shifting from 4/4 power rock to imploding free form. Echoplex-treated tales tell of drug-crazed space travelers, graverobbers in love and cosmic cannibals. The album was recorded on 4-track with the levels in the bloody red in a basement and garage in Santa Cruz, California. Tinkering, mixing and sound manipulation with help from Tim Green (Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses).

1. All I Need
2. Graverobbers
3. One Foot
4. Got a Feelin? Like I?m Leaving
5. Rimbaud Blues
6. Let?s Take It All the Way Down
7. Comets On Fire
8. Ghost of the Cosmos
9. Days of Vapors?
10. Back in the USSR