Craft Spells - Idle Labor

  • Craft Spells - Idle Labor

Craft Spells - Idle Labor


Released29th June 2018
Catalogue CT101LPC1
Barcode 081794901477

Toward the end of 2009, in a bedroom in Stockton, California – previously known only in the music world for producing Stephen Malkmus’ Pavement a 21-year-old Justin Paul Vallesteros began experimenting with simple synth and guitar lines, gradually layering them to create the sound that would become Craft Spells. The band’s first single, 'Party Talk'  was the perfect smoky dream pop track to be introduced into the buzzy blogosphere – an important tool for any up-and-coming artist from a small town at that time. This combination of lo-fi and D.I.Y. press eventually led to Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks signing the band.

+ Pressed on Sea Glass Pink swirled vinyl.

The next single, 'Ramona'  came on the cusp of fall of 2010, cool and laid-back as it was bursting with rhythms that cried out for dancing and the warmth of summer. 'After the Moment' soon followed, a New Order-esque direct ‘80s groove of a track that was undeniable. These three tracks would soon come together to form the backbone of Craft Spells’ debut LP, Idle Labor, released in the spring of 2011. It’s a debut of shimmering indie pop, nodding to the early 80s in the way that only someone in their early 20s can; a time when you’re brave and brazen enough to put your own spin on past impulses without a second thought and the result is a thing of beauty.

01. For the Ages
02. Scandinavian Crush
03. The Fog Rose High
04. Party Talk
05. From the Morning Heat
06. After the Moment
07. Ramona
08. Given the Time
09. Your Tomb
10. You Should Close the Door
11. Beauty Above All

Artist Craft Spells
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