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Craven Faults - Nunroyd Works


Released7th June 2019
Catalogue PARCEL529
Barcode 843190049967


Nunroyd Works is the third release by Craven Faults.

We’ve picked up speed since we passed Netherfield and Springhead Works. It’s more built up here, as we enter the

outskirts of the city. The former mills and cinemas are alive. A kick drum carries through the walls. Every so often the doors open and the sound spills onto the street. The destination was unintentional. An experiment.

Who plotted this course? As ever, it isn’t always what you expected, but the journey is key. Detroit via The Orbit in Morley, 1992. Istanbul, 1967. We travelled by rail with old friends. Vienna, late night café, straight connection. Lower Manhattan, 1966. New Year’s Day in Filey, making mental note of the patterns played out by the church bells. 1991. Revisited several times over. Mutated by the passage of time.

Those memories that stay with us and influence our decisions many years later. Taking time to make new ones. Do you always need to travel with a purpose? Could you follow your instincts from time to time?

A trilogy complete. The end of a journey?

You might have heard support fro CF from; Kieran Hebden, Demdike Stare, Dan Snaith, Graham Massey, James Holden, Don’t DJ, Pye Corner Audio, Gold Panda, Bill Kouligas, Luke Abbott, Not Waving, Steve Davis, Thomas Ragsdale, Resident Advisor, NTS and Beats In Space.

X1. Engine Fields (7:00)
X2. Dye & Size (10:23)
O: Foddergang (17:37)

Craven Faults - Nunroyd Works is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 7th June 2019 is estimated and subject to change.

Artist Craven Faults