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Crooked Man - Crooked House


FormatCD or LP
Released26th October 2018
Catalogue DFA2616LP
Barcode 5413356001846

The elusive Crooked Man returns to DFA with the 'Crooked House' LP, a maximalist take on electronic and house music that picks up where 2016’s self-titled LP left off. Teaming up again with Michael Somerset Ward (Clock DVA) and David Lewin (Bleep & Booster) in the studio, Richard Barratt crafts a comprehensive journey of hi-fi house belters with more sinister electro-pop mixed in for good measure. 

The LP is influenced by two historic epicentres of electronic music: Sheffield, UK, where Richard has had an illustrious career in a mix of legendary groups like Funky Worm, Sweet Exorcist, and The All Seeing I; and the NYC Loft-era disco sound, where extended grooves were layered with peak-time choruses.

Speaking about the track ‘Take It All Away', Crooked Man says: “It’s about not being suffocated under the mountains of useless crap that Mammon shits into every crevice of modern life… quite possibly the world's only anti-consumerist disco song.”

Richard’s diverse collaborations and intensely prolific discography have now led him to records as lush and sophisticated as Crooked House. Considering the rarity of a live Crooked Man performance or DJ set, it’s a testament to his hyper-creativity that these tracks are able to reach new heights in a club setting. With support from disco historian Bill Brewster and NTS resident Ross Allen (not to mention ‘Echo Loves Narcissus’ being named #1 single of the year in 2017, before it was even properly released), it’s clear that 'Crooked House' brings a timeless vitality to the current landscape of dance music, and continues an exciting new chapter in Crooked Man’s career.

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1. Every Killer Needs a Friend.
2. Here On Earth
3. Make Up
4. turnaround
5. Walls
6. Take It All Away
7. Long Time Dead
8. Echo Loves Narcissus
9. Robots

Artist Crooked Man
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