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Cross Record - Cross Record


FormatCD & LP
Released9th August 2019
Catalogue BING150X
Barcode 600197015018

+ Indie edition LP is on Translucent Orange Vinyl and is limited to just 500 copies.

“What is your wish? What do you expect?” Cross Record’s self-titled third album begins with Emily Cross’s disembodied voice intoning from an otherworldly vacuum. In the three years since her last album, Cross has divorced, quit drinking, become a death doula, started the observational podcast “What I’m Looking At,” and toured with Sub Pop’s Loma, the trio she formed with Dan Duszynski on drums and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater) on guitar/vocals. On Cross Record she guides the listener like a sonic Virgil, delivering a textured soundscape of meditative curiosity, akin to Low’s 'Double Negative', Broadcast’s 'The Noise Made By People' and Radiohead’s 'Kid A'.

Having recorded 2016’s 'Wabi Sabi' at home between work and sleep hours, Cross did the opposite for Cross Record, writing the album while living on a secluded part of Mexico’s coast. The collaborative atmosphere of Loma challenged Cross to experiment with her sound, detuning her voice and obstructing its clarity in specific moments. As such, Cross Record is primarily a showcase for Cross’s singing, as she pushes her range and engages with a multitude of approaches at every turn.

Following her time in Mexico, Cross returned to the States with vocal-heavy demos in hand and finished the record with musician Andrew Hulett and producer Theo Karon. Karon assisted with production and arrangements throughout the creation of Cross Record, and the songs realised their ultimate forms at his Hotel Earth in Los Angeles. Though her voice is always central, Cross’s songs developed with percussion, string arrangements and expanded production. The instrumentation is as nuanced and experimental as her voice.

+ LP formats include download.

1. What Is Your Wish?
2. Licorice
3. Face Smashed, Drooling
4. PYSOL My Castle
5. I Release You
6. The Fly
7. Hollow Garden
8. Y/o Dragon
9. An Angel, a Dove
10. Sing the Song
11. I Am Painting

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