Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs

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Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs


Released15th June 2015
Catalogue CF050
Barcode 819162018545

John Dwyer has a surprise… While everyone was eagerly anticipating the next Oh Sees record, he’s was working tirelessly in his synth laboratory, hand-crafting a followup to last year’s neon-noir Damaged Bug debut—one that shakes up the snow globe considerably.

If 'Hubba Bubba' was a brush with a robotic exoskeleton on deep-space patrol, Cold Hot Plumbs visits the alien world that sent it into the cosmos. Lush, textural and psychedelic, the songs breathe with a otherworldly sadness and heart. Barbed, sophisticated arrangements flower in every direction.

The vintage-perfect sound palette would be window dressing if not for the songs themselves: fresh, vital, and above all catchier than the flu. 'Cold Hot Plumbs' is a strange, beautiful, and oddly infectious addition to Dwyer’s oeuvre, and not one to be missed.

1. Exactly What You Think
2. What Cheer
3. The Mirror
4. Jet in Jungle
5. Der Mond
6. The Frog
7. Cough Pills
8. Structure Image Exterior (edit) 9. Grape Basement
10. Very
11. Cone
12. Deep Bore Drill Worker
13. Mega Structure
14. Transmute

Artist Damaged Bug
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage