Daniel Blumberg - Drawings From Minus

  • Daniel Blumberg - Drawings From Minus

Daniel Blumberg - Drawings From Minus


Released22nd June 2018
Catalogue 9781912722082
Barcode 9781912722082

Daniel Blumberg’s drawings are mesmerizing, they emanate from a distant cubist past. But he’s also a brilliant musician. Last time I saw him, he was performing wild free music with GUO in London. Afterwards we all went to the neon bar where Daniel drew a dozen portraits of us on paper handkerchiefs. He then put the handkerchiefs back into their original place, not further caring who’d pick them up or what would happen to them. - Max Dax, author and curator Daniel Blumberg (b.1990) is an artist, composer and musician from London. His drawings have accompanied his musical output in the form of record covers and small edition books and in 2016 he was awarded a scholarship to study at London’s prestigious Royal Drawing School.

Blumberg has spent much of the last five years working solely within the radical
community of artists centred around London’s Café OTO. His duo with Seymour
Wright, GUO, has seen recent collaborations with David Toop and the American
filmmaker Brady Corbet. In recent years, Blumberg has collaborated live and in the
studio with Lambchop, Neil Michael Hagerty and Low.

First edition press is limited to 500 copies

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