Daphne & Celeste - Save The World

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Daphne & Celeste - Save The World

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FormatCD & LP
Released30th March 2018
Catalogue BTJCD1
Barcode 5053760037231

It was presented as such... "This record is full on POP. It's like being shrunk down in size and dropped into a can of Rio that’s been shaken up... Just like that… Y'know…"... we feel it.

Daphne & Celeste are back(!) with the legend that is Max Tundra (yes, that Max Tundra,) if you were lucky enough to get your hands on the 7" that came out a couple years back you know that this threesome are the business and know how to deliver a pop song.

Seven years ago, Max Tundra sent Daphne and Celeste a tweet, asking if he could write and produce their comeback single. Four years later their song 'You & I Alone' ripped through the internet. Today they announce the forthcoming release of the most unlikely comeback album of 2018.

Three years after their comeback song, ‘BB’ arrives online as their new album’s appetiser, an uncompromising takedown of the anodyne and anonymous. “BB stands for Basic Busker,” explains Max, “any one of countless identikit instigators of mundane melodies that have brought the mood down in recent years. Pop music should lift the spirits - so why are the airwaves full of these mundane strummers?”

The world has changed a hell of a lot since Daphne & Celeste stormed up the charts with their effervescent earworms 'U.G.L.Y.' and 'Ooh Stick You', back near the birth of the 21st century.  So you’d be forgiven for failing to predict the fruitful union of D&C with a maverick electronic producer known for his records on Warp and Domino Records. But Max Tundra has long held an ambition to become a pop producer, and this new album is an addictive combination of the eccentric, creative and melodic.

After an initial sharing of tracks and ideas around the release of that first single in 2015, Max Tundra set about writing an album’s worth of material, inspired by the unique kinship, born of shared experience, between Daphne and Celeste, and his own unexpected part in their story.  Last year, Tundra brought his suitcase full of songs to a desert retreat near Joshua Tree, where he joined D&C for the ‘working holiday’ that produced 'Daphne & Celeste Save The World'.

A full-length album of giddy, ridiculous, genre-bursting pop, ‘Daphne & Celeste Save The World’ finds our friends in fine, soaring, melodic voice, with Tundra's restlessly inventive production a toothsome, chordy, maximalist feast. These 13 songs touch on subjects as varied as time travel, succulents, pipelines under the ocean, cabins in the wood, unadventurous guitarists and different regions of the brain, but above all the sweet, enduring friendship of those two people who, long ago, told us all to 'Ooh Stick You'.

+ Deluxe Indie version comes on transparent pink vinyl with an alternate artwork cover.

(Yes, you can buy deluxe LPs of Daphne & Celeste.)

1. Save The World
2. Sunny Day
3. BB
4. Alto
5. 16 Stars
6. Paint Can
7. You and I Alone
8. Alarms
9. Taking Notes
10. Golden Doldrum
11. Song To A Succulent
12. Whatever Happened To Yazz?
13. Kandy Korn

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