David Byrne & St Vincent - Love This Giant

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David Byrne & St Vincent - Love This Giant

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FormatCD & LP
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David Byrne and St. Vincent announce the release of 'Love This Giant' on 4AD. Recorded over two years largely at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ, the album is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word, with Byrne and St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) co-writing ten of the album's twelve tracks, and each artist penning one song individually.

The album centres around an explosive brass band and is propelled by John Congleton's drum programming.

"There was no delineating what the roles were," explains Clark. "It's a collaboration I'm truly proud of." The duo also split lyrical and vocal duties on the record which, despite eschewing a traditional guitar / bass / drums line-up in favour of idiosyncratic horn arrangements, presents itself as infectious and modern hook-laden rock.

Byrne and Clark spin their intriguingly enigmatic tales, by turns whimsical and dark, backed by a large brass band in lieu of a traditional rock lineup. There is a magical urbanity to 'Love This Giant': It's as if they're dancing in the streets, their voices soaring over the rhythms, the melodies, the barely contained cacophony of the city.

Though Byrne and Clark each have an unmistakable sound and persona that have made them such compelling performers on their own, their voices manage to blend naturally, effortlessly, here. Sometimes they trade verses, at others they sing in unison. Like friends who can finish each other's sentences, when one takes the spotlight alone, it's often with words that the other provided. The brass lends the songs an appealing theatrical sheen while programmed percussion provides a contemporary feel.

Byrne and Clark met in 2009 at the 'Dark Was The Night' benefit at Radio City Music Hall and were approached shortly after by the Housing Works Bookstore to collaborate on a night of music. They began composing remotely, trading song ideas and structures online while Clark toured and it quickly became apparent that they had more than just one night of music in them. Byrne performed with Clark at her 'American Songbook' show at Lincoln Center in 2010, and Clark contributed vocals to Byrne's 'Here Lies Love' album, released the same year.

The CD is packaged in a clear plastic wallet with postcards.

The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve.

01 "Who"
02 "Weekend In The Dust"
03 "Dinner For Two"
04 "Ice Age"
05 "I Am An Ape"
06 "The Forest Awakes"
07 "I Should Watch TV"
08 "Lazarus"
09 "Optimist"
10 "Lightning"
11 "The One Who Broke Your Heart" (Feat. The Dap-Kings & Antibalas)
12 "Outside Of Space & Time"

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