Dead! - The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

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Dead! - The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

£4.99 £10.99

FormatCD & LP
Released26th January 2018
Catalogue INFECT366CD
Barcode 4050538285673

Dead! have a a fire in their belly (that all the best bands need / have) that has seen them tour, no frills, non-stop over the past 18 months and a DIY / make it happen work ethic that has seen them move into a house in London together, release their own music and make their own videos, design, print and sell their own merch, they are without doubt one of the UK’s real and exciting new rock’n’roll bands.

'The Golden Age of Not Even Trying' is their debut album and it's full of blood, sweat, arguments and defining moments of aggressive full force punk and pop.

They watched their local scene disappear so they went and made a new one. good on 'em.

The Boys † The Boys
Enough Enough Enough
The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying
Off White Paint
You’re So Cheap
Petrol & Anaesthetic
Up For Ran$om
A Conversation With Concrete
Any Port
Youth Screams & Fades

Artist Dead!
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