Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch

  • Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch

Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch


FormatCD & LP
Released10th August 2018
Catalogue 2567787334
Barcode 602567787334

Death Grips are Zach Hill, Stefan Burnett and Andy Morin.

Death Grips are such an important and indeed alien prospect in this day and age.

Though it strains the mind to wonder how, Death Grips manage to get a little farther-out every time. This one's a lot weirder than 2016's industrial-adjacent 'Bottomless Pit', 'Year of the Snitch' finds the Sacramento trio absolutely in their own orbit, a dissonant burst of hardcore, hip-hop, trance, video-game music, and free jazz with few patterns and fewer precedents.

It’s intense. Kinda conflicted too. But it’s also strangely beautiful, filled with collisions of unrelated sounds (the new-age synths of “The Horn Section” or “Linda’s in Custody”) and moments of release (“Hahaha,” “Streaky”) that flash in the murk like diamonds in dirt. This is music that teaches you how to listen to it.

"To put it simply, Death Grips have never been afraid of pushing ever boundary around them, and 'Year Of The Snitch' is no different." - The Line of Best Fit.

"Year of the Snitch elicits the same anxiety-ridden feeling as having two dozen browser windows open at the same time. In its sensory overload, its embrace of ugliness and beauty, of chaos and calm, of proficiency and slackness, and its willingness to by turns troll and impress the listener." - The 405.

Death Grips Is Online
Black Paint
Linda's In Custody
The Horn Section
Ha Ha Ha
Little Richard
The Fear

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