Deluxe: Issue Three

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Deluxe: Issue Three

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Catalogue DELUXE_03

DeluxeIt's About Record Shops 

The World's first magazine dedicated to the exploration and celebration of independent record shops. Produced by the obsessive souls at the Drift Record Shop.

Issue Three Features; 

Gold Panda's Berlin Record Shop City 
City guide and interview with Gold Panda, Oye Records, Musik Department, Rotation and Hardwax.

Light in the Attic 2012 Road Trip 
"58 stores and over 3000 miles in 12 days" - Interview and tour diary with Jon Treneff 

Profile: Mabu Vinyl of Cape Town 
Interview with Stephen Segerman who features prominently in the 'Rodriguez' story. 

Profile: Jumbo Records of Leeds 
Talking shop with Adam Gillison

Interviews with, Peter Broderick, Jen Long and Ducktails


Deluxe is a free newspaper we produce because we love shops. It is available in independent shops and stores in the UK and USA and is distributed by Forte.

We do not charge to sell issues on the website, we do however need to bill for postage money as the demand has been very high and we're cheapskates.

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