Deluxe: Issue Two

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Deluxe: Issue Two

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Catalogue DELUXE_02

Deluxe - It's About Record Shops

The World's first magazine dedicated to the exploration and celebration of independent record shops. Produced by the obsessive souls at the Drift Record Shop.

Issue Two Features;

Crispin Parry interviews Third Man Records about their Nashville operation and 'rolling store'. 

Jonny Trunk takes Deluxe on an "Alternative Record Buying Tour" of London.

Deluxe speaks to Other Records in NYC. 

More Record Shop Bags. 

The first part of our 'migration' interview with Stephen Godfroy on route to Rough Trade New York

City shopping tour of Portland Oregon with Blitzen Trapper


Deluxe is a free newspaper we produce because we love shops. It is available in independent shops and stores in the UK and USA and is distributed by Forte.

We do not charge to sell issues on the website, we do however need to bill for postage money as the demand has been very high and we're cheapskates.

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