Deluxe Magazine - Issue 17

  • Deluxe Magazine - Issue 17

Deluxe Magazine - Issue 17


ReleasedNovember 2019
Catalogue DELUXE17
Barcode 000000000017

+ Phoebe Bridgers Interview: down time and browsing bins.

+ Sebastian Plano interview. From Argentina to Berlin.

+ EERA - Anna Lena Bruland Interview. "I am doing a real thing, mother!"

+ Steve Kraków interview. Modern day DIY culture polymath.

+ AJ Lambert interview: Parallels & Comparisons. The granddaughter of Frank Sinatra, daughter of Nancy Sinatra and choreographer Hugh Lambert. With one of the most iconic musical lineages casting shadows, how do you go about putting out your debut EP?

+ Amyl & the Sniffers Field Guide. Illustrated list of the best record shops in Australia.

+ Stranger Than Paradise, London shop visit.

+ World of Echo, London shop visit.

Written and compiled by The Drift Record Shop.
Designed by
Cover: Babak Ganjei
Sub edited by Lu Overy.

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