Deluxe Magazine - Issue 19

  • Deluxe Magazine - Issue 19

Deluxe Magazine - Issue 19


ReleasedNovember 2019
Catalogue DELUXE19
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Welcome to issue 19 of Deluxe. This edition flips the usual parameters as we’re focusing on the content of the shops rather than the bricks, mortar and shelves that confine them. We’ve produced a list of 100 albums - compiled by the staff at Drift Records, our own shop - that have turned our ears and heads throughout 2019.

As we’re based at Drift for this edition, we’ll also talk about their Sea Change Festival - that runs annually on the last May bank holiday weekend - and also the Dinked Collective of independent shops, a motley crew that includes Drift as one of its founders. These days, record shops play an ever bigger part of the creative community. We’re proud to have a home and we’re proud to be needed.

+ Top 100 Records of the Year
+ Late additions
+ Best compilations
+ Best reissues

Written and compiled by The Drift Record Shop.
Designed by
Cover illustration by Jordan Amy Lee.
Sub edited by Lu Overy.

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