Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orce [Deluxe]

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Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orce [Deluxe]

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Catalogue WIGCD229XX

Dirty Projectors release a definitive 2 x CD deluxe edition of last year's {pheÎànomÎàeÎànal} "Bitte Orca" album.

The second disk features never before released tunes from a very special and intimate acoustic performance at New York's Other Records, rare vinyl only B-sides and, to top it all, a brand new, amazing cover of Bob Dylan's 'As I Went Out One Morning'.

Disc One
1. Cannibal Resource
2. Temecula Sunrise
3. The Bride
4. Stillness Is The Move
5. Two Doves
6. Useful Chamber
7. No Intention
8. Remade Horizon
9. Fluorescent Half Dome

Disc Two
1. Fluorescent Half Dome (Live)
2. Temecula Sunrise (Live)
3. Two Doves (Live)
4. Cannibal Resource (Live)
5. No Intention (Live)
6. Stillness Is The Move (Live)
7. Ascending Melody
8. Emblem Of The World
9. Wave The Bloody Shirt
10. Bitte Bitte Orca
11. Stillness Is The Move (Lucky Dragons Remix)
12. As I Went Out One Morning

I could tell you about every little, gorgeous detail and it would take me all day, maybe longer. I could tell you everything in wide-eyed wonder...so astonishing in every other respect - Drowned In Sound

a brilliant pop band, thanks to their silvery hi-life guitars, gorgeous strings and tense, wiry rhythms...proves that cleverness is a virtue - NME

OMG this record is incredible!...Holy shit - a quantum leap forwards and sideways at the same time. My new favorite record. I know this is all too gushy. Whatever, congratulations - David Byrne

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