Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike - Why Vinyl Matters

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Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike - Why Vinyl Matters


Released1st September 2017
Catalogue 9781851498635
Barcode 9781851498635

You already know WHY it matters anyway, but here's a plush book with reasons listed in black and white for anyone who needs to reel them off. Nice to have a book do our job for us...

Features interviews with 25 stars - Fatboy Slim, Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Henry Rollins, Portia Sabine and Tim Burgess among them.

"It's the ritual element of it. It's running your finger down the side of the record, trying to open the plastic wrap, and then pulling it out, seeing if there is an inner sleeve, hoping for a gatefold. Nowadays, you just walk over to your computer, you click three times, and you have 140,000 songs at your fingertips. Vinyl was just a different kind of thing - and it still is." - Lars Ulrich, Metallica

In 2015, vinyl sales in the US increased by 30% - a raise for the tenth year in succession - and 1.29 million vinyl albums were sold in the UK in 2014, the first time the million mark has been surpassed since 1996. Vinyl, once thought to be a dying market, is now facing a major revival.

Pop culture writer and historian Jennifer Otter Bickerdike interviews some of our most iconic artists, including hip-hop stars, Indie legends, DJs, producers, album cover designers, photographers, label founders and record store owners. Each superstar and superfan talks about their own experiences of vinyl and what it means to them, and the importance of its re-emergence - seemingly against all odds - as a physical format in the era of the digital economy.

Size: 265 mm x 237 mm
Pages: 224
Illustrations: 300 colour

Why Vinyl Matters is part history, part future forecasting, part nostalgia and all celebration. A collection of more than 25 interviews, all illustrated with photos, sidebars, quotes, album covers, outtakes and much more. This is the book for anyone who has ever gone to the store and bought music on vinyl.

Includes interviews with:
Fatboy Slim; Tim Burgess (Charlatans); Henry Rollins (musician, actor, writer, comedian); Gaz Coombes (Supergrass); Lars Ulrich (Metallica); Maxi Jazz (Faithless); Rob da Bank (DJ and founder of Bestival); Clint Boone (Inspiral Carpets); Mike Ness (Social Distortion); Chief Xcel (Blackalicious); Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5); Fab 5 Freddy (hip hop pioneer, visual artist); Fat Mike (NOFX); Julia Ruzicka (Future of the Left); Steve Hackett (Genesis); Nick Hornby.

Jennifer Otter Bickerdike is a familiar name in the world of pop culture. An academic, writer and historian, Jennifer remains enthralled by vinyl, and has embarked on a journey to share her passion - and the passion of like-minded stars - with the world. She has authored several books on the topics of music, fandom and celebrity cultism, such as 'Fandom, Image and Authenticity: Joy, Devotion and the Second Lives of Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis' (2014) and 'The Secular Religion of Fandom' (2015).

Why Vinyl Matters is truly a labour of love to the endearing format and tells the story of vinyl’s survival – against all the odds – in today’s digital landscape of streaming and downloads. Jennifer also name-drops 100s of iconic records and artists from her own collection.

Jennifer has previously appeared on the hit US TV show ‘Greatest Fans Ever?’ as an expert in fan culture is well-respected within her specialist field. 

Hardback, full-colour book.

"Bickerdike has dedicated her life to music, which really shines through in this book fit for the coffee table of any vinyl lover." - Vinyl Chapters

"Many bands insisted that their music get vinyl release, even at the height of CD popularity. For many, vinyl is not just a means of listening to music, but a way of defining self, community and culture.Why Vinyl Matters is part history, part future forecasting, part nostalgia and all celebration." - Long Live Vinyl online

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