Ed Harcourt - Furnaces

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  • Ed Harcourt - Furnaces

Ed Harcourt - Furnaces

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InfoCD & 2LP19th August 2016

Furnaces is the new studio album from Ed Harcourt, produced by long-time ally Flood and artworked by the iconic Ralph Steadman.

Harcourt will tell you that the album isn't a personal one, yet in writing an album of savage social commentary he's also bared a little of his own soul. When he writes about protecting the environment, he's also thinking about his own role as a father. When he writes about the male ego, he's turning his forensic gaze on himself. It's as if the prism he's constructed to see the world has also allowed him a better view of himself. Harcourt was also able to put together a dream line-up to record the album. Joining him and Flood in the studio were drummer Stella Mozgawa, of Warpaint, bassist Tom Herbert, of The Invisible, vocalist Hannah Lou Clark and percussionist Michael Blair, a frequent Tom Waits collaborator. The result is an album that, for all it's fire and brimstone, is also euphoric and celebrator. 'Furnaces' is an album unlike any other you'll hear this year. It is pure and true, and Harcourt performs it with a fierce kind of joy in his heart

Side A:
1. Intro
2. The World Is On Fire
3. Loup Garou

Side B:
4. Furnaces
5. Occupational Hazard
6. Nothing But A Bad Trip

Side C:
7. You Give Me More Than Love
8. Dionysus
9. There Is A Light Below

Side D:
10. The Last Of Your Kind
11. Immoral Ghetto
12. Antarctica Ghetto

+ 10"/12" outer gatefold sleeve, both pockets open, 6mm spine, printed CMYK + gloss dispersion varnish (350gsm GC1)
+ Double 12” black heavy vinyl (180g)

Artist Ed Harcourt