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Editors - The Back Room


Released25th July 2005
Catalogue KWCD34
Barcode 4493011020

The debut, double platinum, Mercury-nominated album ‘The Back Room’ from Birmingham's Editors reached No. 2 in the UK album charts in 2005 and amassed over 1 million sales worldwide.

The British five piece mined the same area of gloom as Interpol but were possibly even more Joy Division-influenced. 

Includes the Top 10 single ‘Munich’ and the singles ‘Bullets’, ‘Blood’ and ‘All Sparks’.

The album was produced by Jim Abbiss.

"This is a debut that will endure." - NME.
"The Back Room is a fine album that proves you can look backward while paving the way forward." - E! Online.
"How Interpol would sound like if they dealt with universal themes and reflection rather than singing about fellatio fantasies with Stella, or their length of loves."Drowned in Sound.
"The longer you listen, the better they become." - The Guardian.

All Sparks
Fingers In The Factory
Someone Says
Open Your Arms

Artist Editors
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