Eels - Shootenanny!

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Eels - Shootenanny!

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Released30th October
Catalogue 4730664
Barcode 06025 4730664 7

Now up to their fifth album, Eels are still on their pretty-tunes-with-sad-but-funny lyrics tip. And why not? That's what they do best. The truth is, 'E' is a fantastic songwriter who really has been through the mill (unlike some spoilt brat angst merchants). Death hangs over everything, as ever, but he shrugs and laughs in its face. He's always displayed a ghoulish wit, but here he marries the arch and irreverant to the genuine and moving, with real aplomb. And great tunes!

1. All In A Day's Work
2. Saturday Morning
3. The Good Old Days
4. Love Of The Loveless
5. Dirty Girl
6. Agony
7. Rock Hard Times
8. Restraining Order Blues
9. Lone Wolf
10. Wrong About Bobby
11. Numbered Days
12. Fashion Awards
13. Somebody Loves You

Artist Eels
Filed Under Indie & Alternative