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Eels - The Deconstruction


InfoCD & LP 6th April 2018

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After a four year wait, Eels have announced their highly-anticipated new album 'The Deconstruction', out on the E Works label.

The album is on CD, 2 x 10” translucent yellow LP, and on Limited Edition Deluxe 2 x 12” translucent pink LP Box Set that plays at 45 rpm.

The album’s first offering, title track ‘The Deconstruction’, serves up as a beautiful introduction. Recorded at The Compound, Los Feliz, and The Pie, Pasadena, California, the new album was performed by E, Koool G Murder and P-Boo, with The Deconstruction Orchestra & Choir and produced by frontman, E, as well as Mickey Petralia (marking his first time in an EELS production chair since the band’s second album Electro-Shock Blues in 1998).

Eels singer-songwriter E (Mark Oliver Everett) says of the new album; “Here are 15 new Eels tracks that may or may not inspire, rock, or not rock you. The world is going nuts. But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it. Other times you have to try to make it yourself. And then there are times you have to tear something apart to find something beautiful inside.”

The Deconstruction
Bone Dry
The Quandary         
Rusty Pipes
The Epiphany
Today Is The Day
Sweet Scorched Earth
Coming Back
Be Hurt
You Are The Shining Light
There I Said It
Archie Goodnight
The Unanswerable                           
In Our Cathedral

    Note that the release date of 6th April 2018 is estimated and subject to change.

    Artist Eels
    LabelE Works