Erland Cooper - Hether Blether

  • Erland Cooper - Hether Blether

Erland Cooper - Hether Blether


FormatLP or CD
Released29th May 2020
Catalogue PHA013V
Barcode 5052442017134

Dinked Edition No. 46

Alternative (green) album cover, reverse board outer sleeve.
 Limited Edition of 500.
 Pressed on recycled vinyl.
 A4, matt finish print.
 Foldable map of Orkney.

The A4 print and map are exclusive only to Dinked edition. The print will be matt finish so it frames easily. The map is a foldable map of the Isles of Orkney, with notes from Erland himself and points to specific locations that he relates to and that also relate back to all of his three albums.

Some of Erland Cooper's listeners have been to Orkney before, some have gone because of him and so the next time someone is inspired to go, they'll be able to refer back to his map.

1. Noup Head (featuring Kathryn Joseph, Kevin Cormack, John Burnside and Alex Kozobolis)
2. Rousay
3. Peedie Breeks ft. Benge
4. Skreevar ft. Marta Salogni
5. Longhope (featuring Kathryn John, John Burnside and Hiroshi Ebina
6. Linga Holm)
7. Hildaland
8. Hether Blether
9. Hamnavoe
10. Where I Am Is Here

Artist Erland Cooper
Filed Under Indie & Alternative