Evan Caminiti - Meridian

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  • Evan Caminiti - Meridian

Evan Caminiti - Meridian

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InfoCD & LP15th June

Barn Owl’s Evan Caminiti returns with ‘Meridian’, a collection of deep drones and fractured beats recalling his work with Barn Owl but firmly rooted in electronics rather than guitars.

Evan Caminiti’s slow but steady progression towards electronic music from sand-swept guitar drone mirrors the pace of the music he makes. It has been measured, each move well-considered and clearly intentional. Caminiti has immersed himself in electronic production on ‘Meridian’, creating organic sounds through his machines, patching sounds that recall the brassy resonance of horns and hazy choral clusters.

Synthesizers hiss and crackle under layers of reverb and fog. Sounds undulate and implode in upon themselves, with bursts of noise dropping in and out to create shadows of rhythm. Caminiti’s electronic systems do not run autonomously - the sounds heard on Meridian required real-time human interaction to bring them to life and that human touch is essential to the mysterious atmosphere he produces on this new album.

Chiming tones float above monstrous swells of sub-bass, creating the illusion of a massive spacial divide. Caminiti adds rhythms and dynamic swells to abstract sonic textures and field recordings taken over the course of two years, grounding the album in specific times and places, however obscured from the listener.

“American psych-droner Evan Caminiti knows all about the selferasure that’s central to collective psychedelic exploration” - Uncut

“It’s like the perfect music for some seriously psychedelic planetarium show, the music evoking massive sprawls of space, and the ever shifting cosmos, dying stars and black holes, planets being born and epic swaths of glimmering starfields.” - Boing Boing

Artist Evan Caminiti