Fabio Fabor/Armando Sciascia - Infini

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  • Fabio Fabor/Armando Sciascia - Infini

Fabio Fabor/Armando Sciascia - Infini

£18.99 £24.99

This release is a 2017 Record Store Day exclusive title.

First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1972 Library/Production Music

Limited Edition 200 GRM Deluxe Replica LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes (by Alvin Lucia) and exclusive commissioned inner sleeve artwork

Full dynamic range 2016 remaster direct from the first generation analogue master tapes

Co-signed by the mysterious Fabio Fabor and the renowned Armando Sciascia, Infini is a masterpiece of avant hauntological orchestration.

Prepared pianos collide with subterranean VCS3 synthesis and mournful ornate strings, spectral choral arrangements ride menacing drones and eldritch bass rumbles in a phantasmic cinematic skin. Recorded between 1970 and 1971(and issued on the esteemed French ‘Musique Pour L’Image' Library label in 1972), these sublime and concise symphonies of apocalyptic pulp dread receive their first ever commercial release here and are presented with 4 incredibly rare extra tracks from the original sessions.

A1 Fabio Fabor - Foule
A2 Fabio Fabor – Sea Spirit
A3 Armando Sciascia - Asymetric
A4 Fabio Fabor - Postdoctural
A5 Armando Sciascia - Infini
B1 Armando Sciascia - Bulldozer
B2 Fabio Fabor - Horizons
B3 Armando Sciascia – Contorsions
B4 Fabio Fabor - Incubus
B5 Fabio Fabor - Algorithmique