Factory Floor - Factory Floor

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Factory Floor - Factory Floor

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FormatCD & LP
Released9th September
Catalogue DFA2392CD

Factory Floor are disco's steel fist in a velvet glove.

There's no more time to wait. It's time for the weight. An arpeggio starts. Bass thunder rolls in from the sea, across beaches and over cliff tops, it ripples across fields and through the suburbs. As city streets narrow and scrape the sky, the noise is intensified into a beam. The modified Roland SH101 creates the jugular pulse. On the temporal axis the drums hammer in as a contradiction, played by a human as if he's a machine. They are repetitive and metronomic in tempo and signature yet ever shifting, ever surprising, ever ear-boggling. A battered drum kit, Jomox Xbase drum machine and Roland SPDS sample pad create the tools for deep and effective hypnosis. This is music to dance to. This is music to march to.

It is a rhythm that comes rushing up mine shafts, up bore holes, through volcanic vents, up via tectonic cracks, until it pierces the surface tension. Then great ragged chunks of guitar noise fall like flaming rock from the sky. A symbolic Fender Telecaster is brutalised with fists and fraying violin bow, an assault complimented by Roland SP555 sampler. And the voice... what is the voice saying? What is the voice doing? Sleepers awake. Once you know you cannot re- forget.
Artist Factory Floor
Filed Under Electronic Music