Farao - Till It's All Forgotten

  • Farao - Till It's All Forgotten

Farao - Till It's All Forgotten


InfoCD & LP11th September

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Till It’s All Forgotten arrives with the conviction of a threat, and the grace of vengeance. Farao – musical identity of Norwegian singer, songwriter, and musician Kari Jahnsen – delves into the liberation of her debut album. Till It’s All Forgotten is an artistic statement wrought with intense emotional and musical craft, marked by Jahnsen’s determination to conquer, to wrestle desperation from the still water of apathy.

Hailing from Ulnes, a village of 500 people in the Nordic mountain valley of Valdres, Farao makes enchanting and adventurous pop music, tinged with celestial electronics and earthen orchestration. The now London-based Farao’s songs bear a vibrant surface beauty while taunting the depths within, reflecting the dramatic yet serene environments of her remote origin.

Jahnsen took to Iceland in Spring 2014 to record her first album, following the acclaimed self-titled EP of earlier that year. Working intuitively with producer Mike Lindsay (of London experimental band Tunng), Jahnsen was free to make bold artistic decisions without reservation. A studied musician, Jahnsen composed and performed all instruments except brass and drums on Till It’s All Forgotten’s ten songs, creating a suite of music that is otherworldly and entirely her own.

1: Tiaf
2. Bodies
3. Hunter
4. Maze
5. Feel
6. Anchor
7. Warriors
8. Silence
9. Fragments
10. Are You Real

Very limited indies exclusive LP on clear vinyl.

Artist Farao