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Fenne Lily - BREACH


FormatCD & LP
Released18th September 2020
Catalogue DOC208LP-C2
Barcode 656605150840

Isolation is nothing new for Fenne Lily – in fact, she’s written an album of songs all about it. “It’s kind of like writing a letter, and leaving it in a book that you know you’ll get out when you’re sad – like a message to yourself in the future,” she says. BREACH her debut for Dead Oceans, written during a period of self-enforced isolation pre-COVID, is an expansive, diary of a record that deals with the mess and the catharsis of entering your 20s and finding peace while being alone.
“I think this record is proof that I can be emotionally stable, even if right now I feel a little bit up and down,” says Fenne. “There’s the ability to find clarity in that. It’s sobering, weirdly.”

Fenne was born in London and moved to Dorset as a toddler, where she grew up in the picturesque English countryside. She was a 'free range kid'. as she describes herself, after her parents took her out of school for a period at the age of seven. Over the following year she was home schooled while the family travelled Europe in a live-in bus. Even after she returned to traditional school at 9, her home education never ended, extending to music. Her mother gifted Fenne with her old record collection, through which she discovered her love for T-Rex and the Velvet Underground and Nico. Fenne lists PJ Harvey, Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell and Feist as later influences that inspired her to take up the guitar.

It’s that journey to find peace inside herself that underpins the whole of Fenne’s second album (her debut for Dead Oceans). Its title, BREACH, occurred to Fenne after deep conversations with her mum about her birth, during which she was breech, or upside down in the womb. The slippery double-sidedness of the word – which, spelled with an 'A', means to 'break through' – drew her in. “That feels like what I was doing in this record; I was breaking through a wall that I built for myself, keeping myself safe, and dealing with the downside of feeling lonely and alone. I realized that I am comfortable in myself, and I don’t need to fixate on relationships to make myself feel like I have something to talk about. I felt like I broke through a mental barrier in that respect.” Even though it also carries implications of awkwardness, rebellion, and breakage, it’s a wide-reaching word, representing new beginnings and birth.

Indies Exclusive LP Edition  on Flame Orange Opaque Vinyl

1. To Be a Woman Pt. 1
2. Alapathy
3. Berlin
4. Elliott
5. I, Nietzsche
6. Birthday
7. Blood Moon
8. Solipsism
9. I Used To Hate My Body But Now I Just Hate You
10. ‘98
11. Someone Else’s Trees
12. Laundry And Jet Lag

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Artist Fenne Lily
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