Fever The Ghost - Zirconium Meconium

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Fever The Ghost - Zirconium Meconium

£14.99 £19.00

FormatCD & LP
Released25th September
Catalogue HVNLP120
Barcode 5414939926006

Transmitting cosmic narratives and inventive song structures, Fever The Ghost’s sprawling pop saga ‘Zirconium Meconium’ sleekly marries the group’s esoteric tendencies with an inescapable melodicism.

Described by the band as a “collection of songs musically interpreting the third dimensional integration process from the perspective of vital force energy incarnating into the physical world” the album combines interstellar vibrations and a sense of youthful wonder into an unparalleled pop sound.

1. Metempsychosis
2. Rounder II
3. Hinterland
4. Peace Crimes
5. Surf's Up! ...nevermind
6. Long Tall Stranger
7. Maritime Mammals
8. Fathoms
9. 1518
10. Sun Moth
11. Vervain (Dreams Of An Old Wooden Cage)
12. Equal Pedestrian
13. A Friend In Lonely Jesus

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