Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

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Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

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FormatCD & 2LP
Catalogue WARPCD195X

Describing Cosmogramma (by Flying Lotus - Steve Ellison himself) as a 'space Opera' could fill your heart with dread, given that most 'rock operas' are melodramatic fare, and so it seems to follow that 'space operas' are doomed to the same over blown fate. But fear not, Cosmogramma is very good indeed... It seems Ellisons definition of a 'space opera' was Dense, multi-layered and subtly orchestral.

Following the 2008 release of "Los Angeles" some have lazily pigeonholed Californian producer Ellison into the post dub step camp, a loose and eclectic gathering at best, amongst other genres, but with Cosmogramma, its title inspired by a misheard exclamation from Ellison's late jazz multi-instrumentalist aunt Alice Coltrane, he conspires to make a mockery of almost all parallels.

This is such a shape shifting album, it is going to take some time to absorb because in constantly mutating just when you begin to pin it down, drawing everything around in before rearranging atoms before your very eyes, Cosmogramma proves itself time and time again as mind-meltingly boundless as a black hole.

1 Clock Catcher
2 Pickled!
3 Nose Art
4 Intro//A Cosmic Drama
5 Zodiac Shit
6 Computer Face//Pure Being
7 ... And the World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)
8 Arkestry
9 MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat)
10 Do the Astral Plane
11 Satelllliiiiiiiteee
12 German Haircut
13 Recoiled
14 Dance of the Pseudo Nymph
15 Drips//Auntie's Harp
16 Table Tennis (feat. Laura Darlington)
17 Galaxy in Janaki

Artist Flying Lotus
Filed Under R&B & Hip Hop