Frankie Cosmos - Vessel

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  • Frankie Cosmos - Vessel

Frankie Cosmos - Vessel

£15.99 £21.99

FormatCD, LP & Tape
Released30th March 2018
Catalogue SP1215X
Barcode 4059251214410

New York native songwriter Greta Kline has shared a bounty of her innermost thoughts and experiences via the massive number of songs she has released since 2011. Like many of her peers, Kline’s prolific output was initially born from the ease of bedroom recording and self-releasing, offered by digital technology and the internet.

As she has grown as a writer and performer, devising more complex albums and playing to larger audiences, Kline has begun to make her mark on independent music. Her newest record, Vessel, is the 52nd release from Kline and the third studio album by her indie pop outfit Frankie Cosmos. On Vessel Kline, aka Frankie Cosmos, explores all of the changes that have come in her life as a result of the music she has shared with the world, as well as the parts of her life that have remained irrevocable.

 Frankie Cosmos has taken several different shapes since the band’s first full album, 2014’s Zentropy, erupted in New York’s DIY music scene. For Vessel the band’s lineup comprises multi-instrumentalists David Maine, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyenson, and Kline. The album’s 18 tracks employ a range of instrumentations and recording methods not found on their prior albums, while maintaining the succinctly sincere nature of Kline’s songwriting.

The album’s opening track, Caramelize, serves as the thematic overture for Vessel, alluding to topics like dependency, growth, and love, which re-emerge throughout the record. Although many of the scenarios and personalities written about on Vessel are familiar territory for Frankie Cosmos, Kline brings a freshly nuanced point of view, and a desire to constantly question the latent meaning of her experiences. Kline’s dissonant lyrics pair with the band’s driving, jangly grooves to create striking moments of musical chemistry.

LabelSub Pop
Filed Under Indie & Alternative