Garth Cartwright - Going For A Song

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  • Garth Cartwright - Going For A Song

Garth Cartwright - Going For A Song

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Released23rd March 2018
Catalogue 9781911374046
Barcode 9781911374046

The Tall-But-True Story of the Rise, Fall and Rise of the UK Record Shop.

Going For A Song explores the secret history of the UK record shop – from the age of the wax cylinder to the days of dubstep and the resurgence of vinyl. It shows how these fondly remembered stores across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland became musical oracles for the nation’s youth, transforming fashion and culture in the process.

The in-depth history of the rise, fall and rise of the independent record shop in the UK. Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, Garth Cartwright conducted 100+ interviews with many record shop pioneers, noted musicians and record collectors. Utilising comprehensive research, Cartwright traces record retail history across a century of unprecedented social, cultural and political change.

With foreword by Stewart Lee

From market traders selling music hall 78s via HMV's gloved classical emporium through Soho's post-WW2 jazz, blues and folk scene to mods hungry for imported ska and soul 45s, Going For A Song documents how popular music and youth fashions took shape around influential record shops. Brian Epstein, the genius behind Liverpool's NEMS shops, utilises his trade contacts to launch The Beatles. Psychedelia's golden dawn is overseen at Mayfair's One Stop (Jimi Hendrix's being a regular) while A Clockwork Orange is filmed in the Chelsea Drug Store. The '70’s finds Richard Branson’s Virgin shops leading a revolution in record retail. Rough Trade and Small Wonder launch punk record labels from within their respective shops. Disco and reggae, techno and dubstep, are all shaped by visionary record shops. Then, at the dawn of this century, hundreds of record shops crash. From these ruins rise independent shops surfing the vinyl revival and Record Store Day.

Never before published research documents how a young Bob Dylan records in the basement of a Soho shop while David Bowie, Dusty Springfield, Elton John, Danny Baker and Pete Burns all first entered the music industry via working in record shops. Here friendships were forged, knowledge shared, bands formed and history shaped.

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