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Geotic - Traversa


FormatCD or LP
Released19th October 2018
Catalogue GI321CD
Barcode 804297832128

Ask Will Wiesenfeld to contrast his project Baths with the music made under his Geotic alias, and you'll get a simple response: Baths is active listening, Geotic is passive listening. But behind this straightforward duality exists two projects that are equally poignant yet starkly distinct, reflective of the emotional complexities of its creator.

Don't mistake passive listening for anything remotely resembling apathy. Over the course of nine self-released albums plus a handful of singles & EPs (all released on Bandcamp), Wiesenfeld has certainly proved the contrary. With Abysma, his first release for Ghostly, Wiesenfeld solidified this notion as Geotic makes his label debut in tandem with the projects first ever physical o ering. In 2018, Wiesenfeld presents his second full-length for Ghostly: 'Traversa'.

Part of Wiesenfeld's inspiration comes from his own domestic situation. A native of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, the classically trained musician has settled on the Westside, inhabiting an apartment a short ride from the ocean. "It's a relaxing and slightly displaced vibe that informs the project. It's full of art everywhere, all my comics, an amazing media set up," Wiesenfeld says. "It's all the stuff that I've saved for and wanted to have in my life but didn't feel comfortable [setting up] until I moved in here. We nested the shit out of this place."

"So much of dance music is about partying and going out and having a really hardcore social experience," Wiesenfeld says. "Dance music has never been that for me. So much of my experience listening to music is being by myself - at home or in my car. Those feelings are especially apparent on the tracks that comprise Abysma: songs that feel lived-in and comfortable - imbued with feelings that can't be faked or compart-mentalized."

+ Standard weight vinyl is housed in a holographic foil stamped jacket.
+ CD comes in a holographic foil-stamped 4-panel digipak sleeve.

01. Knapsack
02. Swiss Bicycle
03. Harbor Drive
04. Aerostat
05. Town Square
06. Terraformer
07. Gondolier
08. Maglev

Artist Geotic
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