Hieroglyphic Being - The Replicant Dream Sequence [Blue PA14 Series]

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  • Hieroglyphic Being - The Replicant Dream Sequence [Blue PA14 Series]

Hieroglyphic Being - The Replicant Dream Sequence [Blue PA14 Series]

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FormatCD & LP
Released8th June 2018
Catalogue RDM121CD
Barcode 5060446121887

Hieroglyphic Being records for the Moog Recordings Library.

Moog Recordings Library is new record label established specifically to release limited editions of recorded works, sessions, concerts and audio experiments utilising The Moog Sound Lab UK (Est. 2015). Moog Recordings Library announces its launch with three separate releases, from The Grid, Mika Vainio and Heiroglyphic Being

Each of the three releases is an album length session recorded with The Moog Sound Lab UK, an open loan studio from Moog Music Inc (USA) designed to encourage the making of new electronic works and to welcome UK based artistic and public access with the aim to broaden experimentation and practical hands-on knowledge with high spec analogue and digital electronic instruments.
The portable studio was specially designed by Moog Inc and is centred around one of their rarest instruments, the 2014 limited edition reissue of their legendary 1960s System 55 analogue synthesiser system – the Stradivarius of modular synths.

The Grid, Mika Vainio and Heiroglyphic Being all recorded at Surrey’s Institute of Sound Recording, where the Lab is based, and these three releases will be followed with two new works by Charlemagne Palestine, a Moog’d audio travelogue from Chris Watson and a Tony Allen / Jimi Tenor live Moog party in August. Future scheduled releases will also include Gazelle Twin and Mica Levi.

Originally established in 2015 to mark the 10th anniversary of Dr Robert Moog’s passing, the Moog Sound Lab UK was first seen publicly at the Barbican Arts Centre’s three-day ‘Moog Concordance Vol 1’ event – a celebration of Bob Moog’s contribution to contemporary music.

These concerts sadly turned out to be the last performances for both Keith Emerson & ‘tronic punk pioneers Suicide, who held their final “punk mass” – but both proved fitting partners to exemplify the artistic and technical range of Dr Bob’s influence.

Moog Sound Lab UK and the Moog Recordings Library are produced and curated by Paul Smith of the Blast First / blastfirstpetite labels. At various periods, Smith has served as manager to Throbbing Gristle, Wire, Cabaret Voltaire, Lee Scratch Perry, Cath Carrol and others and has produced events for writers Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair, & Michael Moorcock along with all the multi-disciplinary arts club, ‘Disobey’ events.

As well as the System 55, The Moog Sound Lab UK also features six portable inter-changeable full sized racks of the latest Moog instruments & processors (Moogerfoogers, Mother 32’s, Voyagers and more) plus stand-alone Moog keyboard based synths and an extremely rare vintage foot pedal operated Taurus bass synth – a prog-rock classic! Suitably high spec tech ancillaries come in the form of Bowers & Wilkins speakers, an AMS Neve mixing desk, a Prism Sound analogue to digital interface and Elektron rhythm composers – all making for a beast of a synth studio.

The Lab UK is based at the University of Surrey’s Institute of Sound Recording and is available to use by the students there. The Lab also travels regularly to host residencies and special events in the UK and Europe.  Who could imagine our musical world without the synthesiser, an instrument that still remains “The Sound of the Future”?

Bob Moog’s technical innovations produced many futures – his unique fat, warm electronic sounds and the rich and resonant tonal sweeps can be found front and centre of almost every major late 20th century musical genre - Rock (from Genesis to Rush to ZZ Top), Disco (Moroder), Jazz (Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock), Post Punk (New Order, Heaven 17), Soundtracks (Walter / Wendy Carlos, Vangelis) Pop (Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Eurythmics), even Punk (Devo, Suicide), not forgetting the music whose very DNA is woven from ‘tronic threads: from Kraftwerk to Techno to Ambient and beyond. Sounds that bring a smile to the faces of music lovers the world over...

Hieroglyphic Being / Jamal Moss visted the Moog Sound Lab in the end days of 2016. Testing the lab through his prismatic rhythmic cubism meets synth expressionism methodolgy. 21st Century Afro-Futurism to the max. Both parties expressed their satisfaction with the encounter. “I believe Bob Moog was (in the late 20th century) creating his modular system 55 synthesiser for artists yet to come….artists like Jamal Moss” (Eldon Tyrell)

The Replicant Dream Sequence 1 > 8.
1/Seq 1
2/Seq 2
3/Seq 3
4/Seq 4
5/Seq 5
6/Seq 6
7/Seq 7
8/Seq 8

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