Honey - New Moody Judy

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  • Honey - New Moody Judy

Honey - New Moody Judy

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FormatCD & LP
Released29th September 2017
Catalogue WCR074CD
Barcode 00616892517443

As their first release featuring songs written collaboratively by all three band members, it only makes sense that Honey’s sophomore LP New Moody Judy was recorded with the intent of perfectly capturing the dynamic, human energy that’s a vital component of their sound.  From the opening track, Wage Agreement – a song featuring a repeating blues lick, framing verses that could either be about begging your boss for more hours or fighting with everything you have to not fall out of love – Honey make it clear that even with its ferocious riffs and careering rhythms, New Moody Judy’s message is one of empathy. “Through that front door / I’ll find anything but love” Dan Wise sings from the gut – what person hasn’t experienced the futility of trying to escape from such feelings.

Equally relatable, if slightly more uplifting, is the message of the album’s first single Dream Come Now, an anthem to not giving up on seemingly unattainable dreams. Sonically, the song displays a new level of concision and brute heaviness previously known only to those who have seen Honey play live: the pummel and swing, the rave-ups and come downs, the sound of perfect rock and roll, music always on the edge of spinning out of control. A band can't swing this heavy without heart, and New Moody Judy is about staying sensitised; about not numbing yourself to your relationships and the world around you even during those times when everything seems to be going to hell.

1. Wage Agreement
2. Dream Come Now
3. New Moody Judy
4. Spped, Glue
5. Hungry
6. Bagman
7. Power
8. Wage Too
9. Peggy Ray

Artist Honey
LabelWharf Cat
Filed Under Indie & Alternative