Jerkcurb - Air Con Eden

  • Jerkcurb - Air Con Eden

Jerkcurb - Air Con Eden


FormatCD & 2LP
Released13th September 2019
Catalogue HD020CD
Barcode 666017336923

South-east London songwriter and visual artist Jerkcurb releases his hotly-anticipated debut album Air Con Eden via Handsome Dad Records. The culmination of several years of intense creative focus, Air Con Eden reflects on Jerkcurb instigator Jacob Read’s recent real life events, losses and tragedies as well as more cryptic, fictitious perspectives and surreal adopted personalities. Having fully emerged in 2016 with the flourishing ‘Night On Earth’ - a streaming hit with 2,700,000 spins to date - and subsequent tracks ‘Voodoo Saloon’ and ‘Little Boring Thing’, there’s been a growing sense of an artist climbing into maturity with each succeeding release. 

There’s a near impossible richness to Read’s songwriting form on Air Con Eden, with its title track offering perhaps the clearest distillation of the record’s predominant theme: time at its malleable and fraught. Inspired by Victor Gruen - the pioneering designer of shopping malls in the United States - Read unpacks the idea of being trapped in an eternity that feels like an endless present tense, the passing of the seasons reduced to a standstill in a pristine shopping mall; a symbol of both stasis and comfort; an Eden without the possibility of an ending.

LP Format on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve

1) Shadowshow
2) Somerton Beach
3) Timelapse Tulip
4) Wishbones
5) Air Con Eden
6) Midnight Snack
7) Morpheus’ Arms
8) Water
9) Aquarena Springs
10) Voodoo Saloon
11) Devil’s Catflap
12) Night On Earth

Artist Jerkcurb
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