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Johnny Jewel - Vapor


Released24th January 2019
Catalogue IDIB77
Barcode 5053760055594

Beyond the decay of ruins hums the subtle sound of 'Vapor', a suite of dystopian instrumentals by Italians Do It Better visionary Johnny Jewel. His trademark analog synthesizers have never sounded more crystalline, their landscape never more evocatively barren.

+ Limited Indie Shop version is double on double Ivory coloured vinyl.

Chiming bells slowly twirl like the rusted music box of a child’s nightmare, a pitch-black bleak that is utterly frightful — Jewel channels the beauty & horror of a world that long ago abandoned its own destiny. This is a fever dream flashback. The kind that strikes you in the blur of night & refuses to weaken its grip until the sheets are drenched in sweat.

This soundtrack is as elegant as it is violent, conjured in the deepest blacks & most vivid reds. These 21 celestial tracks clock in at just over an hour. Warping wind from a spiraling pinwheel... The sound of dust in the Garden of Hera, walking the tightrope between Life & Hades. The thin line that divides the Heavens from the Earth. Breathe Deep.

1. Heartbeats
2. Sleep Chamber
3. Black Marble
4. Garden Of Hera
5. Zenith
6. Chess Pieces
7. Echoes Of The Past
8. Of Hades
9. The Eye Of The Needle
10. Flashback
11. Heartbeats (Reprise)
12. Death
13. Moonrise
14. Vapor
15. The Taste Of Skin
16. Andromeda
17. Twilight
18. Run
19. Opening Flower
20. Nightfall
21. Heartbeats (Lullaby)

Johnny Jewel - Vapor is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 24th January 2019 is estimated and subject to change.

Artist Johnny Jewel
Filed Under Electronic Music