Josephine Foster - Fairy Faithful Harmony

  • Josephine Foster - Fairy Faithful Harmony

Josephine Foster - Fairy Faithful Harmony


FormatCD or LP
Released16th November 2018
Catalogue FIRELP533X
Barcode 809236153371

Faith and Fate, Destiny and Devotion, Dark Nights and Dazed Illuminations. Josephine raises a stained-glass lamp and shepherds us spelunking the depths of spirit in this four-part double album.

+ Available as a limited indie shop edition on double clear vinyl.

Following the fame of her voice are choruses of winged entities (and a space shuttle) that ascend and descend a maze of spirituals: ritual prayers, blues laments, vestal hymns and jubilant benedictions.
The edges of the natural world are revolving backdrops from which our narrator perches upon symbolic precipice or saunters desolate snow-blanched forest, exploring eternal themes of mortality and morality, beneath the moon and in occasional dialogue with a mysterious lord of love, an ambiguous mystical figure.

Accompanying herself on guitar, piano, organ, harp & autoharp, this cycle of 18 new songs hearken back to various facets of Foster's anachronic oeuvre (the esoteric balladry of 'This Coming Gladness', native rhythms of 'Blood Rushing', somnambulist waltzes of 'I'm a Dreamer', the Shaker primitivism of 'Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You'. Celestial humor and devastating innocence are delivered with contributions from Victor Herrero (lead guitars), Gyða Valtýsdóttir (cello), Chris Scruggs (pedal steel), Jon Estes (bass), as well as cameos by members of The Cherry Blossoms and others.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Andrija Tokic at his Nashville Bomb Shelter Studio, mastered by John Baldwin, and produced by Josephine herself.
1. Soothsayer Song 
2. A Little Song 
3. The Virgin Of The Snow 
4. Pearl In Oyster
5. Benevolent Spring 
6. Force Divine 
7. All Pales Next To You 
8. Lord Of Love 
9. Eternity 
10. Indian Burn 
11. Peak Of Paradise 
12. Adieu Color Adieu 
13. Pining Away 
14. Challenger 
15. I Was Glad 
16. Shepherd Moon Of Starry Height 
17. Little Lamb 
18. Faithful Fairy Harmony
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