Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Overnight

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  • Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Overnight

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Overnight

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FormatCD & LP
Released14th October 2016
Catalogue RTRADCD798
Barcode 0883870079822

Debut album from folk duo Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker.

‘Overnight’ is their most ambitious record to date, focusing on Clarke’s extraordinary voice and lyrics, and Walker’s prodigious guitar-playing and arranging; the album features panoramic orchestration by an eclectic core of acclaimed musicians, including strings, horns, piano, double bass, and drums. The twelve songs – ten originals and two covers - recorded almost entirely live at Rockfield Studios in Wales - serve as a snapshot of the endless cycle of night into day and back again, morning light, into dusk, into black midnight, into greying dawn, and on, and on.

The album’s lilting first single, “The Waning Crescent,” is almost an answer in ballad form to the portrayal of the moon in traditional and popular music as a soothing, confessional, companion (i.e. “Blue Moon”). Coming at the darkest and stillest point in the album, the song – like the moon – brings a reassuring lightness.

Clarke explains, "I started to think about if I was the moon, what I might think and feel, and what the moon might sing back,” adding, “I’ve given it a slightly whiny, self-pitying quality because it’s whimsical and a bit funny.”

Though Clarke & Walker’s previous work is very much steeped in the the folk tradition – the two in fact won the BBC Folk Award for Best Duo in 2015 – ‘Overnight’ draws just as much inspiration from more-straightforward 1970s AM radio rock like Fleetwood Mac or Neil Young as they do from folk-rockers like Fairport Convention or Joni Mitchell.

01. Nine Times Along
02. Something Familiar
03. Sweet The Sorrow
04. Dawn Of The Dark
05. Dark Turn Of Mind (Gillian Welch cover)
06. Weep You No More Sad Fountains (traditional English ballad)
07. The Light Of His Lamp
08. Sleep
09. Milk and Honey
10. The Waning Crescent
11. Overnight
12. Light Of Day

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