Kamaal Williams - The Return

  • Kamaal Williams - The Return

Kamaal Williams - The Return


Released11th October 2019
Catalogue BFR001LPD
Barcode 5060384617275

Yussef Kamaal may have disbanded, but Henry Wu continues to fly the flag as Kamaal WilliamsHis the first LP released under his given name sees him behind the keys in a jazz fusion trio that brings together the visionary aesthetic of the YK output with the sounds of new London jazz and the shuffling grooves of the Wu project, this time on Wu's new label Black Focus Records

The Return is a natural evolution from the Yussef Kamaal project, mining the influence of visionary jazz but blended with all kinds of texture, sounds and signals from the over-saturated London streets.

Clear vinyl edition

1.   Salaam  
2.   Broken Theme  
3.   The Return 
4.   High Roller  
5.   Situations (Live in Milan) 
6.   Catch The Loop (Album Version) 
7.   Rhythm Commission  
8.   Medina  
9.   LDN Shuffle  
10. Aisha 

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