Ken Camden - Dream Memory

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  • Ken Camden - Dream Memory

Ken Camden - Dream Memory

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FormatCD & LP
Catalogue KRANK194LP
Barcode 796441819416

Guitarist Ken Camden returns for his third solo album, continuing his explorations to seek out new techniques and sounds from the electric guitar. By utilizing both a steel slide and e-bow technique, Camden has moved into micro-tonal territory to bridge the textural gap between guitar and synthesizer while examining their inherent differences.

The palette is further broadened by introducing an organic vocal sampling machine described as a Vocaltron. Much like a Mellotron, vocal samples (contributed by Emily Elhaj and Angel Olsen) are chromatically organized in half steps from the lowest note to the highest possible. Each set is specific to the contributor's range and each note is unedited to keep all original characteristics of that particular individual's voice. This organized organic information adds a contrast to the electric guitar and synthesizer arrangements on the album.

The development of all of these systems gives Dream Memory a diversity throughout its tracks while maintaining an atmospheric bond that weaves the ideas into a thematic whole.

1. Adenosine
2. Time Bend
3. Renewal
4. Curiosity
5. Melatonin
6. Dream Memory
7. Brain Work
8. Asleep At The Wheel

Artist Ken Camden