King Creosote - Rocket D.I.Y. [2018 Reissue]

  • King Creosote - Rocket D.I.Y. [2018 Reissue]

King Creosote - Rocket D.I.Y. [2018 Reissue]


Released7th December 2018
Catalogue REWIGLP153
Barcode 0887830015318

‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ is the home-recorded follow up to 2003’s ‘Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides’.

Instead of a collection of songs spanning several years, ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ contains 12 songs, all written and recorded over a period of weeks.

Acoustic guitar and piano based songs have been embellished with accordion, banjo, electronics and a smattering of samples. Collective drummers OnTheFly and Captain Geeko deliver an altogether new punch, with Pip Dylan’s pedal steel adding that final twang.

‘Rocket D.I.Y.’ can best be described as a recollection of a hectic year. From the cosmic highs to the lunar lows come world weary themes of age consciousness and humdrum household chores sitting alongside wide-eyed travel adventures and far-fetched yarns.

With its scratchy sentiments, anthemic yearnings and downright nonsense, ‘Rocket D.I.Y.’, like ‘Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides’ before it, takes you on a Neukian journey possibly not as far as the stars but one you’ll want to take again.

Scottish singer/songwriter Kenny Anderson is King Creosote and has prolifically released over two dozen CD-Rs on his own label, Fence, a collective assembled along with brothers Een (aka Pip Dylan) and Gordon (aka Lone Pigeon). His 2006 album 'KC Rules OK' included liner notes from famed Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin.
'Diamond Mine', a collaboration with ambient artist Jon Hopkins, proved to be a major critical success, landing on various year-end lists and earning Anderson and Hopkins a Mercury Prize nomination.

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Twin Tub Twin
Saffy Nool
Cor’ws Feet
Spooned Out On Tick
PH 6.5
Circle My Demise
King Bubbles In Sand
The Things, Things, Things
A Month Of Firsts
Thrills & Spills
The Someone Else

Artist King Creosote
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