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Kutcha Butcha - NDYA


Released5th July 2019
Catalogue HBB001
Barcode 7426964007283

'NDYA' is the first solo release by four times Mercury nominee Sebastian Rochford under the name Kutcha Butcha. This is a project where Seb has written/played/produced/mixed everything and is the first of four limited edition releases in 2019, NDYA being the first on CD, the second being a download, the third on cassette and the fourth on vinyl.

'NDYA' was recorded over three continents and hopes to be listened to in three dynamics. When it gets quiet you can hear the other hidden sonic world emerging and as this does, so does the sonic soundworld around you, becoming part of the listening experience.

Kutcha Butcha means literally "Half Baked Bread" and is a phrase sometimes used in India for mixed race children but has also been taken on by the Anglo Indians as just a nickname used for children.
With the releases there will be also be a series of podcasts where Seb will be interviewing mixed race people like himself about their experience of this. These will be under the name "The Kutcha Butcha Podcasts".

Written/produced/mixed and instruments performed by Sebastian Rochford, each presented in different formats.
Recorded in London as well as other countries using a mobile set up
It's about...
finding space
finding quiet in an often noisy world
the peace that being surrounded by intense movement and sound gives
inner dialogue
fitting in
feeling outside
feeling warmth
feeling love
and detachment
social and personal
and hopes to be listened to in it's three dynamic sonic worlds

1. Dreams are Not
2. Violet in Bloom
3. Discovering what’s Underneath
4. Loss of Life
5. Platforms in the Underworld
6. Xander and the Desert Winds
7. Signs are There

Kutcha Butcha - NDYA is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 5th July 2019 is estimated and subject to change.

Artist Kutcha Butcha
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